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Africa Calling (By Masauko, Mongezi Ntaka, Lorraine Klaasen) Africa is calling you back to the strength in your soul Africa is calling you come back inside and be whole (Chorus) That's you in the spotlight with the world watching Do you know who you are? That's you in the spotlight Do you know who you are? Africa is calling you people unite and make change Africa is the root of rhythm and spirit come dance That's you in the spotlight with the world watching Do you know who you are? The brothers are killing each other for political reasons They don't know who they are (Chorus) That's you in the headlights with a train coming get on or get out of the way That's you in the spotlight Do you know who you are? Children be well where you are Love is your birthright African stars Follow your ancestors now Sing for your freedom Dance filled with pride Africa is calling
Old Shackles 04:01
Old Shackles (Lyrics adapted from a Parliamentary speech by Henry Masauko Chipembere, 1964) (By Masauko and Mongezi Ntaka) Freedom is meaningless unless people can see change Make it visible and tangible we've been suffering Today we must enjoy some liberty that's just what we need This is what we want to see break the old shackles (Chorus) Freedom is meaningless unless people can see change Economic and otherwise handicaps still survive We'll show great gratitude to the leaders who ain’t satisfied (Chorus) Freedom is meaningless unless people can see change Stop saying this is independence we're ruled from the outside Start changing this Babylon for the betterment of the people's lives (Chorus)
Come to Life 04:27
Come to Life (By Masauko) Wake up and see yourself inside this dream come to Life, come to life When everybody turns around and tells you that they don't believe come to life, come to life Mwana wanga kutakataka (my child get active/busy) O pour water upon this seed come to life now, come to life now Get out, get it going, give it everything you've got to give come to life, come to life Living a life that you're loving and loving the life you´re living inside of your purpose come to life, come to life Mwana wanga kutakataka O pour water upon this seed come to life now, come to life now O nature the growing dream come to life now, come to life now (Chorus) I think I can I know I can I'm deeper than the average man an African who knows he can can come to life, come to life These are the toughest times and they just might drown you if you don't let that light inside you come to life, come to life (Chorus)
Makolo 05:29
Makolo (By Masauko and Mongezi Ntaka) We have come to share the wisdom of a people Speaking Spear singing in rhythmic tongues to bring some elevation We have come protected by those that came before us We are from spaces inside of God's own heart, come know the greenness of love's touch Makolo akale (the ancestors) Ndinu mbuye wanga (You are my gods) (Chorus) We have come to open the door that you keep closing Come get some of everything that these spirits have to offer a community at peace (Chorus)
Selassie and Chipembere (By Masauko) It says a lot Selassie and Chipembere It says a lot, it says selah, it says a lot (Intro) Life got lessons for the ones that's blessed Gotta keep on manifesting ´cuz there will be tests You might walk through a window a wall you can't see Share your scars, you're a star means your gonna live free On the way to everywhere that you need to be travel light, be the light that dances on the sea Ride these sound waves of love towards your destiny In Africa the rhino's name is Chipembere Out on the corner of Chipembere and Haile Selassie up in Malawi, a part of my destiny was spelled out to me through a message from my ancestry (Chorus) See the sister on the corner screaming at the sky Reminding me there's more to these words I see on high They are those that protect the way and the path Those who come to suffer, strong enough to outlast the last of the enemy's tricks for the mind, poisonous food and disease by design Sister screaming on the corner is Chipembere and Selassie's daughter, mother of the water, reminding me that I am the son of my father with work to do Hurt my mama when I came out the womb so I'm in no rush to reach the tomb I speak the spear from my spirit Sister I remember you so I'm gon let there hear it (Chorus) "If we take the view that because someone is too strong, he must not be criticized, he must not be denounced and so on. Then all sorts of evil regimes, evil systems are going to survive in the world because people are too timid to take a stand against them." (Henry Masauko Chipembere, 1973)
Welcome Home 04:11
Welcome Home (By Masauko and Mongezi Ntaka) Welcome home This is our hour This is our place This is our time, let's show some grace This is my heart This is my head This is my bed, What else is there? (Chorus) Welcome home Beyond the surface is the soul Where nothing is false, and we are whole (Chorus) Come share this life Let me be the only star tonight, guiding you home (Chorus)
Ichi Chakoma 03:38
Ichi Chakoma (By Masauko and Mongezi Ntaka) Ichi chakoma, ichi chakoma (This is tasty or that is tasty) pusi adagwa chagada (the monkey fell on his back) Zovuta kwambiri iwe (it's a big problem) chonde, chonde bambo (please, please father) Zovuta kwambiri iwe pepa, pepa mai (sorry mother) zovuta, zovuta (problems, problems) This song is from an old Malawian proverb about making decisions. The monkey is a metaphor for a man who cannot choose one woman. He is said to be like a monkey standing between two trees with ripe bananas. He is so busy looking back and forth with excitement he may get dizzy, fall on his back and lose everything.
Building 03:15
Building (By Masauko) I've been waiting all my life for the cipher disciples singing songs of revolution the circle the drums keep ringing louder for the spirit awake now it's love we're bringing in the form of freedom come down now the devil is bleeding We grow from seed to tree Me and my people building (Chorus) I've been waiting for the one day not someday But today we need something strong to build on a foundation a nation of gods (Gods) giving more than taking backs breaking O my people come on share the love you're saving stop hazing life could be amazing (Chorus)
Chilembwe 03:32
Chilembwe (By Masauko and Mongezi Ntaka) Who will start this fire Who will burn your big house down Raise the spirit higher Bring this empire to the ground Hey Chilembwe John Chilembwe Wa Chilembwe We gonna strike a blow for Africa anyway (Chorus) Who will stir this rage Break the locks on our mental cages Take the devil's head and make the devil dead (Chorus) Don't go mentioning freedom without mentioning his name Don't go mentioning freedom so Africa would never be the same without (Chorus) Who will start this fire Raise the flames of the people's desire (Chorus)
Watch This Woman (By Masauko) Watch this woman walk outside into a world that's hard at heart Watch this woman walk outside with ancestral gifts of light Watch this woman walk outside knowing her own potential knowing love is elemental it's the feeling that you put into your song it's her song Yenda yenda yenda (go forward) Limbikani mtima (take courage) (Chorus) Watch this woman walk outside without the fear of pain to lead her Watch this woman walk outside into a world that knows it needs her Watch this woman walk outside a history with no future, step into the now with posture, live the truth that frees her spirit through her song it's her song (Chorus) Watch this woman coming with the force that fuels the flower bringing balance to the hour it's the consciousness she wears that is her song it's her song (Chorus)
Birds Will Sing (By Masauko) One day my bird will sing a song to heal us all The song will give us wings The song won´t let us fall When my bird does sing, the people will come one, come all into the love and let that love be strong One day my bird will sing (Chorus) One day my bird will sing and every ear will hear The song the spirit brings a song that feels no fear When my bird does sing the people will come one, come all into the love and let that love be strong (Chorus) And when we finally sing that healing song they'll say This is the day we have worked We have prayed Here inside the wings of melody where love can fly Here inside where peace resides no longer living lies (Chorus)
Ilala 04:34
Ilala (Traditional melody with music and additional lyrics by Masauko) Takwera ilala, ilala,ilala (We are going on a ship) Takwera ilala iye (Chorus) Wa ife, wa ife, wa ife (He is ours) ngati Chipembere, a-Chipembere (like Chipembere) (Chorus) Wa ife, wa ife, wa ife (He is ours) Ngati Ortin Chirwa, ngati a-Chiume, (like Ortin Chirwa and Chiume) ngati a-Chisiza, ngati John Chilembwe (like Chisiza and Chilembwe) (Chorus) My family was forced to flee Malawi by ship into exile before I was born. The ancestors whose names are called here all suffered for the liberation of Malawi. Many of them also had to flee for their lives. With this song I am claiming them, naming them and thanking them.


This album is dedicated to my father, Masauko Chipembere, who is considered a national hero in Malawi, Africa. He was one of the architects of the movement that ended British colonial rule in the region in the 1960s. My father, like many of his generation, believed that Africa had something unique to offer the world through culture. He invested enormous amounts of time studying ancient cultures of Africa, as well as around the globe, in his search for a way forward for his people.

This album allows me to follow in the footsteps of my father. I am learning from the ancient ancestral ways of my people from Malawi while using contemporary musical influences from around the world. The album is called “Masauko” because that was my father’s name as well as my own. The name means “Suffering.” It is given to children whose mothers suffer greatly in the act of childbirth. With this album, we celebrate the life and voice of Masauko. May his name go down in history as a bright light revealing the road to human rights and dignity for oppressed people everywhere.


released June 16, 2019

The Band on all songs:
Chambota Chirwa-Bass
Kyle Luciano Phikiso-Drums
Masauko- Rhythm Guitar, Lead Vocal
Samuel Mkandawire- Keyboards, Vocals
Ernest Ikwanga- Lead Guitar, Vocals
Percussion on all songs by John Hassan

Guitar solo on Africa Calling by Mongezi Ntaka
Horn section on Old Shackles and Chilembwe are Buddy Wells-Sax,
Robin Fassie Kock-Trumpet,
Steven Sokuyeka- Trombone
Joel Karabo Elliott- Trombone
Soprano Sax on Makolo and Flute on Birds Will Sing by Buddy Wells
Backing vocals on all songs by Asanda Msaki Mvana and Sinethemba Makanya
Additional vocals on Africa Calling, Old Shackles and Ilala by Tiyamike Mkanthama
Additional vocals on Ichi Chakoma by Samela Tyelbooi and NoBuntu Mhlambi
Additional vocals on Building by Nailah Porter, C.C. White and Joel Karabo Elliott
Additional percussion on Welcome Home by Daryl Chonka
The speech ending Selassie and Chipembere was by Henry Masauko Chipembere.

Produced by Masauko and Daryl Chonka
(additional production by Mongezi Ntaka)
Engineered and Mixed by Daryl Chonka at
2nd Engineer- Jethro Harris

Recorded at Milestone Studio, Cape Town, South Africa
& Downtown Studios in Johannesburg, South Africa
Mastered by Graemme Brown, Zen Mastering Vancouver

Creative Design, Layout and Album Packaging: Drew Douglas
Front cover painting: Nico Phooko
Inner Fold Photo:Mike Kambalame
Digital Artwork: Sydney Woodard

Copyright: Masauko and Come to Life Music 2019


all rights reserved



Masauko Costa Rica

Masauko is Malawian-American singer/songwriter, born in Los Angeles while his parents were in political exile. His music is a bridge between his African past and his American present. His primary instruments are the acoustic guitar and the voice. His music has allowed him to work in Los Angeles, South Africa, Malawi, New York and currently Costa Rica.

His new LP is called Masauko.
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